Pecorino Monte Alma Cheese

Pecorino Monte Alma is a semi-cooked cheese, produced with whole sheep's milk coagulated with liquid calf rennet.

Shape: cylindrical with smooth rind with a plate with a diameter of 12/14 cm and side with a height of 9/12 cm. The weight fluctuates between kg. 1.5 and 1.7.

Rind: firm, straw-colored in the young forms and brown in the more seasoned ones.

Paste: white, tending as aging progresses, to a slightly straw-yellow color, compact and with few and tiny holes, elastic and tender in the young forms (3 months), harder and sometimes with some graininess in the old forms (10 months or a year seasoning).

Taste: sweet and aromatic in young cheese, it becomes pleasantly spicy extending the maturation beyond six months.

The list price refers to 1 Kg. The product can only be ordered in a whole wheel (about 1.6 Kg.) And is vacuum packed. or call +393474956409 (also on Whatsapp)

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21.00 / 1,000 gram(s)

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