Tome Cheeses

Tome Cheeses

Toma cheese is defined by a Ministerial Decree of 24 November 1964 which determines it as «hard cheese, made with unfermented cow's or mixed milk, with a dry weighted fat content of no less than 18%. The etymology is uncertain, perhaps from the French tomme, which is often translated as "cheese of Savoy" or "cheese of the Dauphiné" but it could also be derived from the French tumer (to fall), with reference to the precipitation of casein in the curd.

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Cheese Toma Countryside

Toma Campagna is a medium-aged table cheese, with a delicate and soft
taste, a pale yellow paste with widespread holes.


24.90 / 1,000 g *
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Toma Stravecchia Cheese

Toma Stravecchia is the most popular toma cheese for lovers of
unique flavors. Only high quality products.
28.90 / 1,000 g *
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Toma Biellese Cheese

Toma Biellese produced with partially skimmed milk - intense taste
- pale yellow paste with widespread holes.
24.90 / 1,000 g *
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Toma Pian Bress Cheese

Toma Pian Bress product made of white, crumbly and compact
paste with an undiscovered flavor.
35.00 / 1,000 g *
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Fontina cheese

Fontina is a Protected Designation of Origin cheese with a milk scent,
a sweet flavor and a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture.
27.90 / 1,000 g *
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Taleggio cheese

Taleggio is a fatty cheese with a sweet flavor, with a very slight acidulous
vein, slightly aromatic, sometimes with a truffle aftertaste...
24.90 / 1,000 g *
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