Mustia Smoked Ricotta Cheese

Smoked Ricotta Mustia delicate flavor, slightly smoked, white paste.
The production is obtained by working the residual whey from the
production of pecorino cheeses.
Product description: Characteristics smoked ricotta.
Size: cylindrical, average weight from 1.7 kg to 2.0 kg. Delicate and slightly
smoky flavor, typical smell of smoked ricotta.
White color.

Ingredients: whey, salt.
The list price refers to 1 Kg. The minimum quantity of product that can be
ordered is 400 grams (equal to 1/4 of wheel) and is vacuum packed.
For whole wheels or different sizes, send a request to: or call +393474956409 (also on whatsapp)

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18.90 / 1,000 gram(s)

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