Original Pecorino Romano DOP

Hard cheese for table and grating.
Cylindrical shape with flat faces, thin rind of ivory or natural straw color, sometimes
capped with protective.
Compact or slightly open paste; when cut, the color can vary from white to straw yellow.
Maturing 5 months for table cheese, at least 8 months for grating cheese.
Ingredients: whole sheep's milk, lamb rennet, native natural lactic ferments, salt.
Sizes: vacuum-packed, portioned or whole-shaped, ranging from 20 kg to 35 kg.
The list price refers to 1 Kg. The minimum quantity of product that can be ordered
is 3 ounces (300 grams) and is vacuum packed. For whole wheels or different sizes,
send a request to:
info@unmondodiformaggi.it or call +393474956409 (also on Whatsapp)

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