Castelmagno di Montagna DOP

This cheese is produced only in a restricted area of ​​Val Grana, coinciding
with the three municipalities of Castelmagno, Pradleves and Monterosso Grana.
The DOC dates back to 1982, the DOP recognition was awarded in 1996.
Raw material: raw cow's milk.
Appearance: The rind is not very thick and wrinkled, light brown in color.
The paste is compact, ivory-white in color, with no holes. Some forms with
this seasoning could develop a natural marbling, which makes the product
even tastier.
Taste: Definitely fragrant, slightly savory on the palate, with marked herbaceous
and lactic notes. If it were to be slightly marbled it would be sweeter and with
notes of cellar and undergrowth.
Seasoning: at least 4 months. 
Castelmagno takes its name from a famous sanctuary dedicated to
San Magno and from the town of the same name. The first news of its
production dates back to the twelfth century, when the Marquis of Saluzzo,
in 1277 imposed that the rent of some pastures be paid with forms of Castelmagno.
The nineteenth century is its golden age: Castelmagno becomes the king
of Piedmontese cheeses and appears on the menus of the most prestigious
restaurants in Paris and London. After the Second World War, with the
depopulation of the mountains, Castelmagno seriously risked disappearing
and until the 1970s it remained almost unknown to the general public. 
Pairings: Try it with Acacia honey or a wine jelly.
Usage tips:
Try it with fresh artichokes finely sliced ​​and seasoned with a little salt and oil.
The list price refers to 1 Kg. The minimum quantity of product that can be
ordered is 450 grams (equal to 1/8 of wheel) and is vacuum packed.
For whole wheels or different sizes, send a request to: or call +393474956409 (also on whatsapp)


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