Sbirro Cheese

A specialty born from the experience and artisan excellence of Biella,
the result of the collaboration between Botalla Formaggi and Birra Menabrea.
The Sbirro is handcrafted, with biellese milk and Menabrea beer, which has
won the award for best "Pale Lager" in the world for two consecutive years.
The amber Menabrea beer and the aging in the natural cellar, make Sbirro
reach that balance of aromas and fragrances that make it unique.
Ingredients: cow's milk - rennet - salt
Size: kg. About 2
Paste: straw yellow color
Taste: balanced
Aging: ... days

The list price refers to 1 Kg. The minimum quantity of product that can be
ordered is 500 grams and is vacuum packed. For whole wheels or different
sizes, send a request to: or call +393474956409 (also on Whatsapp)



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29.90 / 1,000 gram(s)

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